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Revolutionizing Efficiency Full Speed 2.0 - bedra blac

Bedra's blac Technology revolutionizes wire EDM machining with its innovative black wire. Engineered for exceptional speed and efficiency, this cutting-edge technology outperforms traditional wires. The flat black layer ensures rapid and stable discharging, while the reconstituted structure boosts performance. Experience unparalleled productivity with blac Technology's unprecedented 40% faster cutting speed compared to brass wires. Purchase full speed 2.0 - bedra blac from AMT today.

Blac Technology by Bedra 

The blacspark wire, a new generation black wire, significantly boosts cutting speed, surpassing the performance of Beta-Gamma coated wire and is specifically engineered for high-speed cutting applications.

Features & Highlights

  • A flat black layer on the wire surface, ensures fast and stable discharging
  • Metallographic reconstituted structure: Beta + cone cracks + black layer
  • Black color product surface, different from traditional EDM wire
  • 20% faster than gamma phase wires and 40% faster than brass wires
  • Highest level of energy efficiency
  • Recommended for up to 4 cuts 
  • Excellent for auto-threading
Core Material CuZn37
Coating Layer reconstituted structure
Color black
Tensile 900 MPa
Elongation 1%
Conductivity 20% IACS
Diameter 0.20/0.25/0.30mm

Composition for Heightened Performance

Core Material

  • CuZn37 brass core
  • Special inner layer
  • Special outer layer

Achieve 40% Higher Speed Than Brass Wire

Cutting Time
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Brass Wire 0:08:55 0:07:31 0:03:27 0:03:22 0:23:15
Gamma Coated 0:07:52 0:06:16 0:03:26 0:03:22 0:20:56
Bedra Blac 0:06:33 0:04:24 0:03:25 0:03:21 0:17:43

Unprecedented Efficiency Testing Results

Experience unprecedented efficiency with bedra's innovative blac Technology. Bedra's testing demonstrates remarkable results: blac Technology boasts a 36.13% increase in rough cutting speed compared to brass wire and an impressive 31.23% enhancement in total working efficiency. This cutting-edge technology promises unmatched performance, setting new standards in wire EDM machining.

Upgrade Your Machining Efficiency with bedra blac 2.0 Wire from AMT

Purchase the latest iteration of bedra blac, known as blac 2.0, from AMT today and experience a significant boost in machining efficiency. With its advanced technology and enhanced features, bedra blac 2.0 is designed to elevate your wire EDM processes to new heights, ensuring smooth operations and improved productivity.

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